Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have many questions regarding our auto repair services. Please review our FAQ section below to find answers to many common questions. If you still have questions, please feel free to conctact us at any time.

If I was involved in a vehicle accident, where do I begin?
You will need to contact your insurance agent and then call One Cent Auto Repair & Sales / Competition Auto Body for assistance at 503-668-9603. We can take care of all of your needs with one phone call. We will gladly assist you with towing, estimate appointments, rental car arrangements and any other questions you might have regarding the repair process.
Do I need an appointment?
Yes, please call for an appointment at 503-668-9603.
How long does it take for an estimate? What does it cost?
Most insurance companies will provide their own estimates, but if one is needed, the average estimate will us take between 15 and 30 minutes for a complete diagnosis of your vehicle. Estimates are free.
Can I request an estimate over the internet?
Each repair need is different. We need to view the vehicle up close to assess the damage and provide you with a quality estimate.
When do I pay my deductible?
Your deductible is paid when your vehicle is completed and you pick it up. We take cash, personal checks up to $500, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.
What if I don't have the money to pay my deductible?
We understand that auto repair can be unexpected and, at times, costly. We can sometimes work with you to reduce the deductible by making substitutions when possible. This also depends on the size of the repair.
How do I arrange for a rental car?
Whether you or an insurance company is paying for a rental vehicle, our shop will gladly assist in arranging a rental car for you while your car is being repaired. On the day you drop your vehicle for repairs we will have a rental car waiting at the shop. The rental car can be left at our shop when you pick up your fully repaired vehicle.
Do you do complete paint jobs?

Yes, please see our Auto Restoration page. Repaints on newer cars are less expensive and involved than full restorations.

Are you an Insurance “Preferred Shop”?

Preferred or approved shops used by insurance companies have potential for disadvantage if participating in the insurance company’s direct repair or referral program, which might make the shop dependent upon siding with the insurance company when it comes to the overall quality of the repairs.

Competition Auto Body and One Cent Auto Repair & Sales hold no special service contracts with insurers; therefore, we remain independent and free from stipulations that may otherwise result in compromised workmanship. We work for YOU – not the insurance company!

Do I need to take my vehicle to the Factory for Recommended Maintenance and Service?

You have the right to choose who performs your factory recommended maintenance and service! You don't have to pay dealer prices. One Cent Auto Repair & Sales can perform your factory recommended maintenance and service at very competitive prices and your factory warranty will not be affected. We follow your particular vehicle manufacturer's recommended service intervals as listed in your owner's manual.

If you are not sure when your vehicle is due for service, just ask us!

What's included in the Common Service Intervals?
  • 3 Months or 3,000 miles = Oil Change
  • 30,000 miles = Cooling & Transmission Service
  • 60,000 miles = Timing belt (or manufacturer's recommendation)
  • Most vehicles have important service intervals at 30, 60, and 90 thousand miles.

One Cent Auto Repair & Sales highly recommends a semi-annual inspection! As some of our customers can already attest, a semi-annual inspection can discover a worn component before it creates major or more costly problems. Plus, a semi-annual inspection can increase the resale value of your car, as a well maintained vehicle can bring two to three times as much as one that has been neglected.

How do I get the best mileage out of my vehicle?

Tips for Better Mileage from the EPA:

  1. Replace your air filter.
  2. Keep your tires properly inflated.
  3. Use the recommended grade of oil.

Safe Travel Tips

What Should I do if:

My Vehicle Overheats on the Highway?

Pull over in a safe area and let the vehicle cool down (do NOT check the fluids until the car has cooled down), call for assistance. If after our regular business hours, contact New’s Towing @ 503-668-8082.

My Check Engine Light Comes on?

Call to schedule an appointment, as there is no way to know if the problem is serious (or if your car is simply trying to remind you to perform a vehicle service) without running a diagnostic check. If accompanied by other problems, such as a sudden loss of power or strange noises, it is best to play it safe and pull over in a safe area and call for assistance. If after our regular business hours, contact New’s Towing @ 503-668-8082.