The Importance Of Brakes Maintenance And How It Can Effect The Cars Drivability

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The Importance Of Brakes Maintenance

A well-maintained braking system is not just pad replacement. It includes rotor replacement, caliper inspection and fluid bleeding and flushing. Over time friction and heat has the potential to wear down the brake shoes, brake pads, calipers, brake rotors, and other braking components. The components comprising each brake system are similar, the warning signs for needing brake repairs should not be minimized.

What Is an Anti Lock Braking System?

Older cars without anti lock brakes are vulnerable to uncontrolled skidding when braking, due to the risk of wheels locking up. In all current model cars the ABS system uses speed sensors to detect rapid decelerations, then controls the brakes through a series of valves positioned on the brake lines. The ABS uses a pump for restoring pressure to the brakes. The system is run by a control unit that processes the data from the sensors and controls the valves and the pump. This keeps all four inequal balance so they don’t lock up they pulse when a quick stop is needed. The anti-lock brakes prevent hydroplaning or skidding in adverse weather conditions. The ABS brakes give you more traction when you’re on a slick surface. The new technology of braking gives you even more control over your car, even if you start to slide. It is very important to check system over yearly to make sure it is operating correctly.

  • Good brake pads provide quick stopping when needed and could prevent a collision if fully 100% operational. OEM pads and not cheaper pads provide better life and functionality. Using premium pads like ceramic create less heat and help prevent rotor warping. They also create less dust and no metallic particles to cause rust spots and residue buildup on nice chrome or aluminum wheels. That means less maintenance and cleaning.

Rotors and Brake Pads

Brake rotors and pads maintenance New rotors and brake pads should be installed at the same time to ensure consistent braking power.

Rotors should always be replaced with the brake pads. It is always best not to use the cheaper non OEM equivalent China rotors. The premium rotors are made with better alloys and will be less likely to warp due to heat.

  • Calipers are inspected and if there is any uneven brake pad wear they should be replaced in pairs. Also they should be replaced after a 100,000 miles of use or if not done on the previous brake pad replacement.
  • Brake fluid bleeding and replacement is also important since air in the system can produce reduced braking in a quick stop situation. This can cause the vehicle to travel several feet further than it would normally. Flushing the old fluid out at least every 100,000 miles provides cleaning the to brake lines and braking system. Brake fluid is very corrosive and after multiple years of sitting can cause unwanted damage to brake system.

We are trained in maintaining and servicing front and rear brake systems and all accompanying brake system components like brake pads, brake shoes, parking brakes, rotors, drums, and hydraulic systems. If you experience any of the above signs or symptoms of bad brakes, like unusual squealing or grinding noises, contact us to have them checked out immediately or call us at (503) 668-9603 for premiere. auto repair in Sandy, OR.

A well maintained braking system provides a safer driving environment and protects the vehicle for years to come.

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