Tune-ups and Timing Belts: Why are They Important & What Is Involved?

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Tune-ups and Timing Belts: Why are They Important & What Is Involved?

Engine Tune-ups on newer cars can be neglected for a longer period than in the past. This is because the car's computer can compensate for more changes today than cars from past decades. Also, owners go so long between performing and auto maintenance that the required time intervals for doing them are set aside and often forgotten.

Not performing required maintenance on your car at the recommended intervals and times can lead to several required and needed repairs overlapping. This will create larger repairs bills being needed all at once. This can also create engine and computer issues that generate trouble codes that could have been prevented had the required maintenance been performed. Doing the car's tune-up when needed will save money in the long run and prevent other, more major, problems from occurring at a time you may not be ready for. An engine tune-up will include both preventative and restorative engine assessment, and final maintenance recommendations that will vary from vehicle to vehicle based on age, mileage, and manufacturer recommendations.

What Is Included With an Auto tune-up?:

  • Check visual appearance of spark plugs for wear and insulator burn.
  • Test the performance of spark plugs. What color is the spark?
  • Is the fuel properly burning at the plug?
  • Inspect the engine’s fuel injectors for correct fuel flow to make are not restricting the amount of fuel that can be delivered to the engine.
  • Check spark plug wires to make sure they are not cracked, or rubber ends fused due to heat
  • Inspect the vehicle’s points and condenser or electronic ignition.
  • Check the engine’s fuel pump for proper function and pressure.
  • Adjust the engine timing and idle if necessary.
  • Check that the PCV valve for proper function
  • Check the fuel filter

Improve engine performance and gas mileage with a fuel system cleaning service!

This service will clean the fuel injectors, restore spray pattern, and increase performance. This should be performed yearly and will prevent and remove build up from critical components including the catalytic converter.

Distributor Cap and Rotor

Over time rotations of the rotor inside the distributor will cause the metal contact point to wear down.

A failed distributor cap causes misfires replacement is needed

Click on images for gallery and information.

Check & Install of New Belts and Hoses

Serpentine belt

They wear down and need replacement because of exposure to heat and stress. The other belts consist of several accessory drive belts. They are checked for cracks, fraying, glazing or fluid contamination. Any of these conditions can cause the belt to slip or break.

Belt Tensioner

  • The belt tensioner maintains the correct belt tension.
  • A weak belt tensioner will cause premature belt wear.

Timing Belt Replacement

Timing belt replacement at recommended in-travels is also important. This will not only prevent a breakdown when you least expect it but it could save towing costs and the inability to choose the best scheduling time to complete the repair. Your engine could also suffer severe damage should the timing belt break when the engine is running. This is common with zero tolerance motors.


Hoses are made of rubber and will break down over time. You can find out of it is time to replace your hoses by inspecting them for swelling, bulging, or leaks. Hose clamps also require checking for proper tension.


  • Engine coolant will eventually break down and become contaminated which results in degraded flow and the fluid’s ability to fight corrosion.
  • Flushing your cooling system with a flush product specifically designed to remove deposits regularly will improve the performance of your cooling system.

Power Steering Fluid

Over time contamination can cause wear to the power steering pump.

Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

  • Automatic transmissions use friction packs, along with gearing to operate, which in turn needs a fluid to regulate that friction. This creates a ton of heat and results in wear of internal components and contamination of transmission fluid. This wear and tear makes it imperative for a transmission fluid and filter change.
  • Brown transmission fluid is an indication that the fluid needs to be changed.

New Filters

Filters, such as the engine air filter, oil filter, cabin air filter and fuel filter keep contaminating particles from reaching vital components in your engine and related systems. Having a clean filter improves engine performance and efficiency. Dirty filters make your vehicle work harder to get the air, fuel, and oil that it needs.


Replacing and performing car maintenance when required saves time and money in the long run. Your car is there for you every day for you to get where you need to go. Do your car a favor by keeping it healthy and happy. This is done by providing the absolute best auto repair service it needs on schedule.

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